VP, Marketing

Sofia Di Cicco | 2nd Year | Production

Hi! I’m Sofia Di Cicco (she/her), I’m a second year in Performance Production and I’m a Gemini. I love the RSPSU and have wanted to join for a while, I think I would be a great fit for VP of Marketing! Please vote for me!!

Cindy Phung | 2nd Year | Production

Hey! I’m Cindy and I’m a second year production student, I adore design and art and anything creative. Lately during quarantine I’ve found myself coming back to my passion of design and film and have been working on practicing my craft<3 OH and also been binge watching Bob’s Burgers for the 12th or so time in a row and have completely lost any concept of time. But I do know that I would love to work as your VP of Marketing to connect with the school of performance and to just have a good ol time up on zoom with yall.

Anna Simmons | 1st Year | Production

Hello rams! My name is Anna Simmons and I am running for VP marketing at the RSPSU. I am a first year production student living in the heart of Toronto. Outside of school I primarily work at Scouts Canada creating programming + media. I am looking forward to this election!

VP, Equity

Vanessa Egan | 2nd Year | Acting

Tanvi Vyas | 2nd Year | Production

Hello! I am a second-year Performance: Production student and am especially passionate about creating a more equitable environment for BIPOC artists and in the performance industry overall. I have held equity positions before, and am always open to conversations. I believe lasting change begins at the basic level with students and our actions, and this portion can help bolster that change.


VP, Marketing

Cindy Phung 37.3%
Sofia Di Cicco 34.9%
Anna Simmons 26.5%
Abstain 1.2%

VP, Equity

Tanvi Vyas 65.1%
Vanessa Egan 26.5%
Abstain 8.4%

Total Votes: 83

VP, Marketing

  • 31 – Cindy Phung
  • 29 – Sofia Di Cicco
  • 22 – Anna Simmons
  • 1 – Abstain

VP, Equity

  • 54 – Tanvi Vyas
  • 22 – Vanessa Egan
  • 7 – Abstain

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Voting for the 2020 RSPSU By-Election is now closed.