As the Ryerson School of Performance Student Union (RSPSU) we strive to strengthen school pride and the inter-disciplinary bonds through a variety of dynamic events to give all the students various opportunities to work together.

We are a voice for the students of the School of Performance, we work to hear their concerns and provide support and change within the school to better the educational experience for all current and future students.

Executive Team

Hannah Hertel (She/her)


Flora Sibley (She/her)


Annasofie Jakobsen (She/her)

VP of Communications

Fahed Altaji (He/him)

VP of Events

Olivia Seward (She/her)

VP of Finance

Yoan Holder (He/him)

VP of Marketing

Betty Fan (She/her)

VP of Operations

Jackson Doner (He/him)

VP of Student Life

Committee Members

Coming Soon!